Apply For a Grant

Procedures for Submitting a Small Grant Request

  1. A grant request must be submitted in writing electronically or hard copy, twice a year: April 1 and October 1.
  2. An acknowledgment of a grantee's application interest will be sent by the Foundation within ten days of receipt.
  3. The Foundation will allocate two small grants annually; requests must be for $5,000 or under.
  4. All potential grantees must meet the following general requirements, in addition to any other requirements:
    • Demonstrated alignment with the Foundation's mission
    • Grantee is a nongovernmental agency
    • Grantee must have a minimum of three years of operation
    • Grantee must demonstrate past performance by either individuals or organizations
    • Applicants are required to be U.S. citizens or US-based organizations
    • Application requests are for funding small projects
  5. The Foundation will award small grants based on a majority vote from the Board of Directors.
  6. When a grant has been awarded, the Foundation will monitor the application of funds against program goals.
  7. The Foundation will require successful grantees to submit an end of project report that tracks progress and outcome.
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