Congreso de Latinos United, Inc
Congreso de Latinos United, Inc
Recipient 2022
Latina Domestic Violence Program»
Anti Defamation League
Anti Defamation League
Lead Sponsor 2021
Courage Award
Program Sponsor 2019-2020
No Place For Hate® Peer Training»
Program Sponsor 2018, 2021
Youth Leadership Conference: Exploring Diversity. Challenging Hate.»
Program Sponsor 2016-2017
No Place for Hate® Plus»
Recipient 2015-2021
Annual Walk Against Hate»
Justice for Victimes Clinical Fellowship
Villanova University Charles Widger School of Law
Program Sponsor 2016-2022
Institute to Address Commercial Sexual Exploitation (CSE Institute): Justice for Victims Clinical Fellowship»
The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp - CHOP
The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp
Recipient 2015
Hero's Journey Camp Program»
Recipient 2016-2021
Camp Week at CHOP»
Lutheran Settlement House
Lutheran Settlement House
Program Sponsor 2021
Stop IPV* Program at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP)»
*Intimate Partner Violence
Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia
Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia (JFGP)
Recipient 2015-2021
Commission for Social Responsibility»
Recipient 2016-2021
Mitzvah Food Program»
Gershman Philadelphia Jewish Film Festival
Philadelphia Jewish Film & Media
Recipient 2021
Film Festival Sponsor»
Gershman Philadelphia Jewish Film Festival
Gershman Philadelphia Jewish Film Festival
Recipient 2015-2021
Film Festival Sponsor»
Recipient 2015-2020
Food Bank Supporter»
Co-sponsor 2019-2020
Philabundance Community Kitchen»
Trellis for Tomorrow
Trellis For Tomorrow
Program Sponsor 2019-2021
Youth Seeds Enterprise Program»
Jewish Family and Children's Servic
Jewish Family and Children's Service
Program Sponsor 2021
"In Your Neighborhood" Program»
Mobile Food Pantry... and more
Female Hebrew Benevolent Society
Female Hebrew Benevolent Society
Recipient 2016-2018, 2020
Save the Children
Save the Children
Recipient 2016-2017
Comic Relief, Red Nose Day»
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Program Sponsor 2018, 2021
Youth Leadership Conference: Exploring Diversity. Challenging Hate.

As the incidents of bullying, bigotry, and name-calling in schools have drastically increased in recent years, ADL recognizes that getting students involved in being part of the solution can create positive change in school environments.

This annual conference brings together more than 500 students from 65 schools throughout Eastern PA, NJ and Delaware to participate in hands on workshops and engage in dialogue about difference, the challenges and opportunities diversity brings, and how they can make their schools and communities more inclusive places for all. They return to their schools with practical skills to become leaders and agents of change.

The ADL is the leading provider of anti-bias education and diversity training programs that help create and sustain inclusive school, community and work environments.

The Foundation is committed to investing in young people today to create more harmonious schools and communities tomorrow.

ADL youth Conference
Students listen intently to speaker Charles Middleberg, who recounts his experience as a French Holocaust survivor.
Recipient 2015-2021
Annual Walk Against Hate

Our differences bring us together at ADL's annual Walk Against Hate. People from all backgrounds, cultures and beliefs share the spirit in support of equality and inclusion.

Each year thousands of school students, families, neighbors, business leaders, community activists of all generations from across the region celebrate diversity and challenge bigotry by participating in this family fun event, starting at the Naval Yard.

One hundred percent of the money raised at The Walk goes to diversity education, protecting against extremism, and advocating for a better world. Over $2,800,000 has been raised by Walk Against Hate since 2011 - all helping to advance the ADL's mission to secure justice and fair treatment to all. Over 10,000 walkers have joined us locally over the years.

Walk Against Hate

Program Sponsor 2016-2017
No Place for Hate® Plus

Carole Landis Foundation underwrote the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) program at Cherry Hill High School West (Cherry Hill, NJ) for the 2016-17 school year. This ADL initiative provides schools with an organizational framework for combating bias, bullying, and hate - including cyber-hate.

This program involves the ADL working directly with students, teachers, administrators, and family members to deliver in-depth training, and further the goals of reducing bias and bullying while increasing the appreciation for diversity.

Cherry Hill High School West is one of six schools throughout the country to participate in this new national pilot program that was launched this academic year. Cherry Hill H.S. West was chosen because of its three years of exemplary participation in previous No Place For Hate Programs. Students participate in peer training, and they hold anti-bias workshops with their peers. Finally, as members of a No Place For Hate Committee, students identify (through school-wide surveys) and discuss their own school-based issues and develop their own plan to solve them. They choose three school-wide programs that educate and encourage a more inclusive school environment, building a community of respect.

Since its inception in 1999, No Place For Hate has directly reached over 3.5 million people, and is currently active in 1,500 schools, communities, and police departments nationwide.

No Place for Hate Plus

Program Sponsor 2016-2022
Institute to Address Commercial Sexual Exploitation (CSE Institute): Justice for Victims Clinical Fellowship

For the sixth year, the Carole Landis Foundation has partnered with the Villanova University Charles Widger School of Law Institute to Address Commercial Sexual Exploitation (CSE Institute) to support the Justice for Victims Clinical Fellowship.

The Clinical Fellow partners with the Salvation Army's New Day To Stop Trafficking Drop In Center. She provides direct advocacy for prostituted victims, including working with the Defenders Association and/or serving as the victims' criminal defense attorney, as well as working with judges in restorative justice programs that benefit the victims.

The CSE Institute works with local and national legislators to improve the legal system's response to commercial sexual exploitation.

Pennsylvania's "Safe Harbor Bill" is one example of its advocacy. The Safe Harbor bill ensures that child victims are protected rather than prosecuted; empowers state agencies to support child victims through the development of specialized services for sexually exploited children; enhances law enforcement efforts to assist victims by mandating training for police officers on how to identify, interview, and assist a sexually exploited child; and establishes a fund for victim services and a public awareness campaign.

In November 2018, CSE Institute Director Shea Rhodes, Justice for Victims Senior Fellow Sarah Robinson and other integral advocates joined Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf for the ceremonial signing of Senate Bill 554, Safe Harbor for Sexually Exploited Children (Act 130 of 2018).

Villanova - Institute to Address Commercial Sexual Exploitation
(Left to Right) Associate Dean Michelle M. Dempsey, JD, Co-founder of the CSE; Sarah K. Robinson, JD, Clinical Fellow; Carole Landis, MSS, LCSW; Shea M. Rhodes, JD, Director and Co-Founder of the CSE Institute.
Recipient 2015
Hero's Journey Camp

Paul Newman, Founder
Based in Ashford, Connecticut, the camp is dedicated to providing "a different kind of healing" to seriously ill children and their families throughout the Northeast, free of charge.

In 2015, The Foundation sponsored one adolescent camper for the new program "Hero's Journey" (a wilderness-based experiential education program designed to promote life skills and confidence through trust-building and adventure).

recipient 2015-2021
Commission for Social Responsibility

This committee is the arm of JFGP that provides a safety net of support, providing basic necessities of living, primarily nutritious food, medicine and shelter to meet the needs of vulnerable community members in Greater Philadelphia, in Israel, and Overseas "hot spots" (recently Ukraine; France). Provides emergency food assistance, home delivered meals, congregate meals, food pantries for 15,000 individuals - medically frail and at-risk elders, low income individuals - in our local Jewish community.

Holocaust Survivors - 1,234 survivors locally receive services of housing, medical assistance and food assistance. In Israel, Holocaust survivors receive JFGP funding through Aid For Life, a program addressing survivors' nutrition, medical, and financial needs.

This commission addresses Israel's vulnerable population and those Jews living in other global communities by providing hunger relief for 200,000 who are struggling with food insecurity in Israel and social services funding for 550 of Israel's disadvantaged youth who are homeless and live on the streets.

Recipient 2015-2021
Gershman Philadelphia Jewish Film Festival

The media of film is one way of preserving and sharing Jewish values. The mission of the Film Fest is to celebrate Jewish values, culture and history through this lens.

Delaware Valley residents gather to view films at numerous theater venues throughout the Philadelphia area, and participate in programs that educate and provide inspiration. They engage in dialogue with the producers (Skype or in person) and local experts/historians on the topics, celebrate diversity of our culture and heritage (and other cultures that intersect ours) and learn how to be positive agents of change in our society.

Gershman Y: 38th Philadelphia Jewish Film Fest
Recipient 2015-2020

Philadelphia is America's poorest major city, where 26% of the population lives at or below the poverty line. One in four people in the Philadelphia area face hunger - making it a crisis in our community.

Philabundance is Delaware Valley's largest hunger-relief agency, acquiring, rescuing and distributing food to 90,000 weekly in nine counties of PA and NJ. Children represent 30% of the people Philabundance serves; 16% are seniors.

Others who seek food assistance include people with disabilities, veterans, single parents, students, and working-class families.

Recipient 2016-2018, 2020
Female Hebrew Benevolent Society

CLFSA contribution supports emergency aid, including monthly stipends; personal emergency response systems for frail elderly; and the pharmacy stipend program.

Recipient 2016-2017
Comic Relief, Red Nose Day

Red Nose DayRed Nose Day's mission is to lift kids around the world out of poverty. A two-hour prime-time television event, it brings together the biggest stars, to raise funds to keep children and young people safe, healthy and educated. 50% of the $31.5 million raised this year helped the one of five children here in the U.S. living in poverty. The other half is spent in some of the poorest communities in Latin America, Asia, and Africa.

The Foundation's donation provided:

  • Funding to keep 2 children safe, sheltered and off the street for one week
  • Eye exam and glasses for 2 children in need
  • Medical supplies for a doctor's visit on a mobile clinic
  • Anti-malaria nets to protect 2 mothers and their babies
  • Antibiotics for 2 children with pneumonia
  • Food for 100 children a day in a food crisis
  • Essential immunizations for 10 low income children in the US
  • Provides 7 at-risk children a safe place to go after school and during the summer
Recipient 2016-2021
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP)

The Foundation is a sponsor of "Camp Week at CHOP," where for one week in July, Camp and all the regalia and fanfare come to the hospital and clinical setting. The Camp's Outreach Specialists collaborate with hospital staff and volunteers to bring the playful spirit of camp and transport it to 500 kids' bedsides and playrooms on every unit, to help restore joy and laughter to these youngsters lives. During a time laden with fear, stress, and uncertainty in their young lives, these children get to do what normal kids do in the summer.

Camp Week at CHOP
Co-sponsor 2019-2020
Philabundance Community Kitchen

Philabundance Community Kitchen (PCK) is a free 14-week culinary vocational training program that enrolls 80-100 low to no-income adults annually. Through job training, life skills development and ongoing support after graduation, PCK prepares adults to enter the workforce.

Cooks-in-training help prepare some of the 250,000 high quality nutritious meals annually for community members in need. 80% of graduates secure paid jobs in the food service industry, such as schools, day care and senior programs, and nursing homes. In addition to gaining new self-worth, pride and opportunities for self-responsibility and dependability, the graduates are able to give back to the community that helped them in their time of need.

The Foundation is sponsoring one trainee in each of the 2019 and 2020 culinary vocational training classes.

Recipient 2019-2021
Trellis for Tomorrow

Trellis For Tomorrow's Youth Seed Enterprise is an eight-week summer program for teens ages 13-18 where they develop and establish organic gardens (four-six), manage the gardens and twice annually harvest the produce to provide nutrient-dense food for their communities. They gain many important leadership and life skills, while earning money for their participation.

In 2020, more than forty middle/high school students in Chester and Montgomery County, Pennsylvania participated in The Youth Seed Enterprise. The impact positively affected 75-125 households, including approximately 160-220 individuals and improved the nutrition of over 3,500 meals over the course of the summer.

Covid-19 restrictions did not deter students and staff. Last spring/summer, four organic garden sites contributed over 8,000 pounds of nutrient-dense produce to support food justice initiatives in communities facing food insecurity and economic constraints.

5,500 youth have served in Trellis' summer programs since 2009. The students develop compassion and resilience, and learn about responsibility for their neighbors.

Click here to visit their website.

Trellis for Tomorrow Youth Seed Enterprise Program

Program Sponsor 2019-2020
No Place For Hate® Peer Training

The Carole Landis Foundation has given a grant to support the Anti-Defamation League's No Place For Hate® program at Philadelphia's John W. Hallahan Catholic Girls' High School.

The Foundation is sponsoring the Peer Training portion of the program for the academic year of 2019/20.

Peer Training is a pivotal component of anti-bias and bullying-prevention No Place For Hate® program. Students chosen for the program are taught how to become leaders and agents of change in their schools and communities by facilitating difficult conversations about bias, discrimination and bullying with their peers.

This year, 26 10th and 11th grade students and two teachers will participate in three full days of Peer Training at Hallahan.

The Carole Landis Foundation has supported several ADL programs in recent years, including the Youth Leadership Conference: "Exploring Diversity. Challenging Hate." (2018), No Place for Hate® Plus at Cherry Hill High School West in New Jersey (2016-17) and the Annual Walk Against Hate (2015-2019).

No Place for Hate Peer Training

Program Sponsor 2016-2021
Mitzvah* Food Program

"Among the vanguard of hunger-relief programs" (Associated Press), The Mitzvah Food Program (MFP) provides healthy and nutritious food-fresh/frozen produce and staples to more than 8,600 people each year. It serves food insecure and malnourished individuals at five food pantry locations in The Greater Philadelphia area: Center City, Northeast Philadelphia, Bucks County, Elkins Park , Lower Merion (Montgomery Counties).

MFP welcomes all people who are experiencing hunger, regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, gender identity or age.

Uniquely designed computer software empowers clients to choose the food they want with an online ordering system, and touch screen technology. Providing choice is one of the many ways MFP preserves dignity for clients. Recipients have the ability to order from home or from the pantry itself using mobile tablets. The volunteers at the pantries help recipients manage the computer system and guide them to their choice of healthy foods, and help them manage restricted diets.

In the last year MFP provided 903,782 pounds of food to the recipients with the help of 50 volunteers each month, stocking shelves, custom packing, and delivering food to those who are homebound.

*Mitzvah - Hebrew word meaning a commandment (of Jewish law). This refers to a moral deed performed (within a religious duty) expressing an act of human kindness.

Program Sponsor 2021
Stop IPV* Program at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP)
*Intimate Partner Violence

The domestic violence program's full-time on-site medical advocates (social workers) help children with violence-induced injuries and their families living in a violent home environment with services like referrals, counseling, play therapy, emergency housing, and safety planning. The IPV counselors provide trauma-informed training to all medical, healthcare, and administrative staff in the ways to screen, and identify signs of domestic violence and emotional trauma with their patients, providing them with additional resources.

In 2019-2020, prior to the Covid pandemic, the program provided 860 CHOP children and their siblings living in violent environments with IPV program services. In 2020-May, 2021, 372 patients were identified as living in violent environments.

45% of the children were aged 6-13.
35% of the children were under 5 years of age.

CHOP and Lutheran Settlement House have partnered in this program since 2004. The Carole Landis Foundation grant contributes to the salaries of the IPV counselors.

Program Sponsor 2021
JFCS "In Your Neighborhood" Program

JFCS (Jewish Family and Children's Service) "In Your Neighborhood" is a mobile basic needs program for households that are low-income and/or in crisis, including those experiencing hunger, poverty, financial/health hardship or other crises.

The mobile van operates across Philadelphia's five-county region, focusing primarily on high poverty communities. The program provides support through pop-up events in parking lots, and other outdoor spaces. Local community members have access to fresh vegetables, dry grocery items, and free clothing items for all members of their households. They have the opportunity to council with on-site JFCS social workers who can help them fill out forms for other resources, such as food stamps and services.

Thus far the mobile unit has served 400 residents and made 11 "voyages" with six more scheduled before the end of 2021. JFCS develops partnerships in neighborhoods with health centers, rotary clubs, private business owners and business associations to help contribute additional funding for the fresh produce and grocery items - such as turkeys at Thanksgiving.

Carole Landis Foundation has sponsored the October 11,' 21 voyage that will aid Afghan refugees who arrived in Philadelphia. JFCS has partnered with Nationalities Services Center who can inform their new neighbors of this service and collect the culturally appropriate clothing for the participants.

Film Festival Sponsor 2021

Philadelphia Jewish Film & Media (formerly Gershman Philadelphia Jewish Film Festival) creates connection and community through Jewish cinema and digital storytelling.

While Cinema remains the focus and legacy-PJFM believes it is important to highlight new and innovative ways stories portray Jewish culture. Jewish culture and values are shared through a multi-media approach.

Latina Domestic Violence Program 2022

The Latina Domestic Violence Program is a counseling and advocacy program for survivors of domestic violence as well as for children who have witnessed violence in the home between couples.

The agency has over 25 years of providing trauma-centered services in predominantly Latino neighborhoods. Besides crisis counseling and safety planning, there are weekly support groups in English and Spanish, referrals and linkages to community resources, and emergency relocation and housing assistance.

The Foundation grant provides emergency payments to help 15 households fleeing domestic violence. Payments are used to meet urgent needs for essentials such as grocery gift cards, infant cribs, beds for household members, and clothing.

Since July 1, 2021, the Latina Domestic Violence program has served 801 domestic violence victims.